City transport

Should you decide on public transport, there are tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus lines which you can take to reach all major locations in Sarajevo.


Trams run from Baščaršija to Ilidža (Line No. 3) and the ride takes about 30 minutes.

By taking a trolleybus, you’ll be able to see the part of Sarajevo that runs along the left bank of the Miljacka River. Line No. 103 runs from Trg Austria to Dobrinja and takes about 30 minutes.

City buses link the parts of town that are not well-connected by tram or trolleybus lines and minibuses connect the center to outlying sections of Sarajevo up on the surrounding hills.

The most important bus route runs from Vijećnica (City Hall) to the part of town called Dobrinja (Line No. 31A).

bus line runs between the International Sarajevo airport and Baščaršija and coincides with flight timetables.

Buses to Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina run only during the winter season.

The lines that run between East Sarajevo and Pale leave the bus station in East Sarajevo several times a day.

Tickets are required for any form of public transportation and they can be purchased at kiosks (for 1.60 KM) or from the driver (for 1.80 KM). You must have your tickets “punched” upon entering the vehicle.

There are also multi-ride tickets available for the trams, which are ideal if you plan on using public transport for getting around town.