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  1. Times of Misfortune

    Times of Misfortune

    Duration: 3 hour /
    Price: 54.00 KM per person

    This tour provides a glimpse of what Sarajevans had to go through during the Siege (1992-1995). You’ll start off by visiting a site that offers one of the best views of the city and you’ll receive some basic information about the Siege of Sarajevo. More

  2. Free Tour

    Free Tour

    Duration: 2 hour /
    Price: Free

    If this is your first time in Sarajevo and you’d like to discover the main attractions in town, then you should make good use of the free tour offered by Insider Tour Agency! More

  3. Jewish Tour

    Jewish Tour

    Duration: 4 hour /
    Price: 50.00 KM per person

    The end of the 15th century marked the end of a peaceful way of life for one nation. The fall of Grenada in 1492 commenced a period of persecution for Jews living in Spain and Portugal. More

  4. Sarajevo Grand Tour

    Sarajevo Grand Tour

    Duration: 3 hour /
    Price: 24.00 KM per person

    This tour will help you discover places and customs that are unique to this part of the world. More

  5. Sarajevo Assassination

    Sarajevo Assassination

    Duration: 3 hour /
    Price: 38.00 KM per person

    The Sarajevo Assassination is an incident that left an indelible mark on the history of Sarajevo. More

  6. A View of Sarajevo

    A View of Sarajevo

    Duration: 2 hour /
    Price: 39.00 KM per person

    You will experience Sarajevo in the best possible way by venturing up to some of the vantage points that offer views of the beautiful “golden valley”. More

  7. Gourmet Tour

    Gourmet Tour

    Duration: 4 hour /
    Price: 92.00 KM per person

    During this tour you will enjoy traditional Bosnian food and flavors while exploring and learning about the sights in Sarajevo's main cultural-historical core. More

  8. BBQ Tour

    BBQ Tour

    Duration: 4 hour /
    Price: 101.60 KM per person

    Ask any Sarajevan and they will tell you that the basis of Bosnian cuisine is tasty barbecued meat. This tour takes in the most important locations in the city and will bring you closer to the everyday life of the citizens of Sarajevo. More

  9. Rakija (Brandy) Tour

    Rakija (Brandy) Tour

    Duration: 3 hour /
    Price: 101.60 KM per person

    Sarajevans are known for their fondness for festivities and celebrations, which are always accompanied by the authentic Bosnian alcoholic drink – rakija (brandy). More

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