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  • Are you interested in getting acquainted with the history, culture and food of Sarajevo? If so, then this is the right tour for you!

    You’ll enjoy the beauty of Vijećnica, a world symbol of the meeting of civilizations and the most representative structure from the Austro-Hungarian period in Bosnia and Herzegovina; hear the incredible story of Inat Kuća, then stroll along the narrow and winding streets which display trades that have been active since the 15th century.

    You’ll discover Baščaršija, Sarajevo’s old market place which was built during the Ottoman period; drink water from Sebilj, the fountain that serves as a symbol of Sarajevo, and learn about the differences between burek and other types of pita.

    Did you know that in Sarajevo it’s possible to pray in four different houses of God, all of which are located only a few hundred meters from one another? This is why some call Sarajevo “a European Jerusalem”.

    You’ll experience Sarajevan hospitality in your fildžan (demitasse) of coffee and come to appreciate the significance of the coffee drinking ritual. You’ll also see the very spot where the world’s two halves – East and West – meet and, at the end of the tour, you’ll be able to try some Bosnian baklava, which is sure to top off your day!

    Note: There must be at least two individuals for the tour to be given and reservations are required. The cost of the tour includes food and drink, as well as admission to museums and religious sites.

    Recommendation: bring your appetite!, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as well as sunglasses; bring along a camera.

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