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  • The Jewish Museum of BiH is an annex of the Museum of Sarajevo and is housed in the Old Jewish Temple, which is considered one of the loveliest exhibit spaces in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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    The museum’s holdings testify to the centuries that Jews have been living in BiH, as well as to the enormous contributions they have made to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Modest but very attractive collection of this annex contains engraved items used during worship, silver-plated prayer book holders, scrolls in silver holders, candelabras and menoras….

    There are also manuscripts, marriage agreements, prayer books and items which attest to the legacy of the many prominent Jewish scientists and artists from BiH, such as Kalmi Baruh, Danijel Ozmo, Marsel Šnajder, Isak Samokovlija….

    There is a special section dedicated to the great losses that the Jews of Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered during World War II.

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