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  • Logavina runs south to north, uphill from Mula Mustafe Bašeskije to Vrbanjuša.

    This street encounters Josipa Štadlera, Potoklinica, Karpuzova, Adžemovića, Golobrdica and Čadordžina and intersects Sunulah-efendije to the west, and meets Ćemerlina, Toromanova, Alije Đerzeleza and Sagrdžije to the east.

    In the 16th century Logavin Sokak was a small street that ran up to Vrbanjuša. It was named after the famous Logavina family, which gave Sarajevo a number of scholars.

    In 1931, Logavina was joined with Vrbanjuša, Budakovića and some yet unformed part of a road that led to Sedrenik to form a single street, Adbulah-efendije Kaukčije.

    Hafez Abdulah Efendija Kaukčija had been an imam at Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque and a lecturer at Kuršumlija Medresa. He also led the resistance against the Austro-Hungarian occupation of BiH but was tried by a kangaroo court and shot on August 30, 1878.

    On May 19, 1994 the name Logavina was given to the part from the tram tracks to Vrbanjuša and the part below Sedam Šuma was named Kaukčijina, after Abdulah Efendija.