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  • Jewellery made by Fahrudin Sofić is a work of talented and extraordinary goldsmith-jeweller. By being in Malmoe, Sweden, from 1965 to 1971, Fahrudin Sofić improved his knowledge in respectable Dalgrens – goldsmith workshop.

    Jewellery he made in Sweden represented a connection of the North and East by which master Sofić has been known not only in Sarajevo but wider.

    In the year 1971 he returned in Sarajevo and opened the store in Gazi Husrev-bay Street selling the jewellery there, and then he opened the workshop in Petrakijina Street. In the workshop, he makes jewellery, medals, pins, miniature, fascinating souvenirs, etc.

    Also, this workshop makes jewellery at demand from all kinds of precious metals, precious, semi-precious and synthetic stones.

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