Accommodation in Sarajevo

From five-star hotels to affordable hostels

“Destination Sarajevo” can truly boast a wide range of accommodation, from luxury hotels to hostels and private accommodation (self-catering facilities).


Author: Sarajevo Navigator

There are several luxury, five-star hotels in Sarajevo which all provide first-class service, conference and wellness facilities, free parking, concierge services....

If you’re not looking for luxury accommodation, there are many family-run hotels, with three or four stars, which offer very good service.

If you want to save money and still have a room with a private bathroom, we can recommend some of the city’s many inns and motels.

Sarajevo hostels are ideal for young visitors, as well as for those who don’t want to spend much on accommodation. There are several excellent hostels right in the center of the city and in the Old Town, with multi-bed rooms and shared bathrooms.

It depends on the hotel’s ranking, but prices can range from 70-270 BAM (35-135 EUR) per night for a double room.

You can get a room for 40-70 BAM (20-35 EUR) at inns and motels, and prices at hostels range from 20-30 BAM (10-15 EUR) per person, per night.

Tourists must be registered and the rates should include the tourist tax.

We suggest that independent tourists book their accommodation through, as it provides reliable and international service and offers the largest selection of accommodation at affordable prices.