Terms and Conditions of Use

The Sarajevo Navigator Foundation (hereafter referred to as “Sarajevo Navigator” and “we”) has the right to create and/or publish content and to manage the Internet sites (hereafter referred to as “Portal”), which are reachable at the addresses, www.sarajevo.travel and www.destinationsarajevo.com.

The individual who makes use of the Internet sites (hereafter referred to as “User” and “Users”) accepts, in their entirety, the Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter referred to as “Conditions”), and this individual is responsible for accepting the Conditions and understanding all of the risks related to using the content which is published and made available on the Portal.

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    Using the Portal

    If you do not accept the Conditions of Use for the Portal, then we ask that you stop using it at once!

    We suggest that you print a copy of the Conditions and reserve it for your own reference. The Conditions represent a legally binding contract between the User and Sarajevo Navigator and can only be changed with our approval. We reserve the right to change the Conditions and their contents on the Portal without notice. 

    Offers for products and services which are available on the Portal for reservation or purchase, such as hotel accommodation or tours, are created in conjunction with our partners. It is understood that acquiring such products or services are the result of a direct legal relationship between the User and our partners. While Sarajevo Navigator deals with respectable partners, we take no responsibility for any damages which may occur as a result of using a partner’s products or services.

    The User is obliged to check and accept the Conditions of Use for every partner before confirming reservations which may be made. The User should submit any questions or complaints, including reservations that are to be changed or cancelled, directly to the partner.

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    Accuracy of information and published content

    Content published on the sites is made up of texts, graphics, trademarks, photographs, video content and other material. Sarajevo Navigator makes every effort to ensure that information provided on the Portal is accurate. Should you find any incorrect information, please inform us. If we consider the corrections helpful and acceptable, we will take steps to make changes as soon as possible. In addition, you should be sure to double-check all information before making reference to it. We never make claims that all information on the Portal is entirely accurate, updated or complete and we take no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by inaccuracies which may occur.

    This Portal offers a large volume of information and there is certainly a chance that some mistakes may occur, given that dates and times for events do change and some events are cancelled outright. We recommend that you consult with event organizers directly to check information before making any concrete plans.

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    Intellectual property rights

    All content contained on the Portal is protected by restrictions which regulate intellectual property rights and any infringement can result in Sarajevo Navigator or a third party, which may be designated as the bearer of the rights of the author, taking action against the User to protect authorship.

    The visual identity for “Destination Sarajevo” and its recognizable promotional materials have been filed for protection with the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina and are owned by Sarajevo Navigator. You are not permitted to make use of them without our consent.

    Sarajevo Navigator offers access to information on the Portal, without receiving any compensation or accepting any responsibility for the information that is available. Sarajevo Navigator provides the User with limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive rights to view, print, copy and use Portal content in other ways, but only for personal and non-commercial use, based on the purpose of promoting Sarajevo as a tourist destination and under the condition that the User will not make any changes to any of the Content that it utilizes and that it will cite Sarajevo Navigator as the source.

    We serve as a distributer (and not a publisher!) for content gathered by third parties and site users. All opinions, advice, announcements, services, offers and other information, including content which is shown or placed at the disposal of third parties (both partners and users), is entirely owned by the author of any material in question. We neither endorse, nor are we responsible for, the accuracy or reliability of any opinions, advice or announcements which appear on the site. We are in no way responsible for financial loss, whether loss of goods or any other loss, which could be experienced while using the Portal, including any information that might be posted on it. 

    Should you link our Portal to other sites on the Internet, we ask that you inform us and that you direct the link to our home page. We have no control over links from third parties which might appear on our Portal, nor do we accept any responsibility for eventual damage which may result by using them.

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    Protection of privacy

    Sarajevo Navigator respects the privacy of its Users and none of the details collected during the registration process, or other details about the User, will be seen or accessed by a third party, except when such an obligation to do so is regulated by governing rules.

    In accordance with the law, Sarajevo Navigator can collect certain information about Users while they visit the Portal. Such information can only be used in order to improve the Portal’s operations and content and so that such benefits may be further enjoyed by Users.

    Under current law, Sarajevo Navigator is obliged to protect the privacy of those who use the Portal, unless these Conditions have been compromised or a User has gone against the positive legal framework.

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    User registration

    In order to be considered a registered user, the User must complete the registration process, submit accurate information and select a username and password. Sarajevo Navigator reserves the right to terminate or limit a User’s account, and/or one or more of the services which the User has registered for, without prior notice or explanation.

    In such cases, Users will be notified of the actions that have been taken, after which they will no longer be permitted to make further use of the site, either under another name or by using the details of another User.

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    General information

    All formal legal announcements must be sent to the address provided at the end of the Terms and Conditions document (see below). In the event that we refrain from exercising a given right, it does not mean that we reject it outright. The rights contained herein are not transferable to a third party.