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  1. Avaz Twist Tower

    Avaz Twist Tower


    Tešanjska 24A, Sarajevo | Map

    Venue Avaz Twist Tower is the tallest building in Sarajevo and offers a fantastic view of the city. More

  2. Vidikovac



    Trebević, Sarajevo | Map

    Nature Vidikovac is a vantage point on Mount Trebević which probably offers the best view of Sarajevo, especially of the Old Town nestled on the slopes of the mountain. More

  3. Zmajevac



    Zmajevac, Sarajevo | Map

    Nature Zmajevac is located in the old part of town, above the neighborhood of Vratnik, and is considered one of the most popular vantage points, both by Sarajevans and visitors alike. More

  4. Forest Park Hum

    Forest Park Hum


    Humska bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Nature Hum Forest Park is located to the southwest of the center of Sarajevo, just above the neighborhood of Pofalići. More