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  • The valley of Studeni Potok (stream), is located near the village of Umoljani, on the southern side of Bjelašnica, about 50 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo.

    There is a legend which says that, long ago, the people of Umoljani were attacked by a giant dragon. It emerged from Rakitnica Canyon and had the body of a snake and, as it slithered along the way to Umoljani, it left a trail that is now called Studeni Potok.

    The inhabitants of Umoljani escaped to nearby Posiljak Hill, where they prayed to God to save them. Their prayers were answered and the dragon was turned into a rock that now sits on the hill.

    Some believe that Studeni Potok is at its loveliest during the spring, when the snow is starting to melt and the stream is deeper. The spring is known to dry up entirely during the summer. There are others who say that it’s best to see the stream in winter, when the sight of the winding rivulet in the snow-covered valley is truly magical.

    It’s fair to say that, whenever you end up visiting Studeni Potok, you’re in for an enchanting view. If you are among the braver and more resilient visitors, you can walk to the spot where the stream n ows into Rakitnica and ends in a 400-meter high cascade.

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