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  • Lukomir – the last true Bosnian village – is about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo. The village is situated in an area of Bjelašnica Mountain, which forms one of the ridges of the fascinating Rakitnica River Canyon.

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    At 1,469 meters above sea level, Lukomir enjoys the status of the highest inhabited settlement in BiH.

    The medieval tombstones (stećci) which are found on the outskirts of the village prove that there was a settlement in Lukomir a few centuries ago and confirm the claim that the village’s current inhabitants are descendants of pastoral nomads from Herzegovina.

    Visitors are in for a treat with Lukomir’s fascinating nature, unique architecture and the tasty food that is prepared according to the villagers’ traditional recipes.

    Given the harsh mountain conditions, the village is only inhabited from April to October.

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