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  • Čavljak is considered a very popular outing destination among Sarajevans. It is only ten kilometers from the center of Sarajevo and four kilometers from the picnic grounds of Barice, which can be reached by taking the asphalt road.

    Open For Visits:


    Minibuses run from the city to Barice and Čavljak on weekends and holidays.

    Čavljak's well-maintained mountain paths lead one even further on to the peaks of Sarajevo's Ozren, Crepoljsko and Bukovik, as well as to the natural monument, Skakavac.

    Čavljak is an ideal place for a quick escape into nature, and not only can visitors enjoy walking, hiking and biking through wonderful landscapes, they can also drop by the Čavljak mountain cabin, owned by PSD Džemal Bijedić (a Mountaineering Ski Company).

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