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  • Veliko Polje on Mt. Igman is a favorite picnic spot for Sarajevans, in winter and throughout the rest of the year. Nestled in the middle of a deep pine forest, Veliko Polje is classed among some of the best locations in Europe based on air quality.

    During the winter months, Veliko Polje is ideal for Nordic skiing and this was where the Alpine ski events were held during the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984.

    While only part of the ski facility has been reconstructed since being damaged during the war, Veliko Polje still has lots of venues available to visitors, such as an alpine ski area and lanes for Nordic disciplines.

    During the summer months, these lanes are used by numerous bicyclists who rank Veliko Polje among their favorite destinations. Throughout the rest of the year, Veliko Polje is frequented by many other sport and recreational enthusiasts.

    Veliko Polje has facilities for ski rentals and service and you can also rent mountains bikes.

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