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  • Poljice Plateau is the first place visitors encounter when they come to Jahorina Olympic Center. Poljice is home to several excellent hotels, many eateries and cafes and the weekend settlement, Šator.

    During the summer, Poljice is an ideal spot for walking or biking up in the lovely nature and during the winter it’s perfect for those who love activities in the snow.

    The baby ski lift is used by beginner skiers as they make their way along the baby ski lanes and then, once they have become more adept at skiing, they move on to the Poljice Ski Lift. Those who are looking for bigger challenges make use of Poljice’s six-seater lift, which goes almost all the way up to the very top of Mt. Jahorina and provides easy access to the mountain’s other ski lanes.

    There are a few shops that sell sporting equipment and offer ski rentals not far from the slopes and, since they are lit at night, it’s possible to go night skiing during the winter ski season.

    For more information:

    Olimpijski Centar Jahorina; 057 272 200; www.oc-jahorina.com

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