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  1. Ćiro Guest House

    Ćiro Guest House

    Bed & Breakfast

    Očaktanum 16, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast Ćiro Guest House offers a truly authentic ambiance for those who want to feel the atmosphere of an old Sarajevo mahala and walk along the small streets of Baščaršija. More

  2. Le Petit Prince

    Le Petit Prince

    Bed & Breakfast

    Safvet-bega Bašagića 55a, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast If you’re planning on visiting Sarajevo and would like to stay in the old part of town, just a few minutes from Baščaršija and many other attractions, but would like to be far enough from the noise, then Le Pet... More

  3. Pansion Kandilj

    Pansion Kandilj

    Bed & Breakfast

    Bistrik potok 12a, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast Pansion Kandilj is in a peaceful location, just 300m from the heart of Baščaršija, as well as Latin Bridge, where the Sarajevo Assassination took place. More

  4. Pansion River

    Pansion River

    Bed & Breakfast

    Bentbaša bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast River Guest House offers accommodation in modern rooms that will provide guests with the comfort and peace needed during a vacation, and a break from sightseeing around Sarajevo. More

  5. Pansion Sebilj

    Pansion Sebilj

    Bed & Breakfast

    Bravadžiluk bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast Sebilj Pansion is definitely the place for those who want to have a pleasant vacation in Sarajevo. More

  6. Promenade Inn

    Promenade Inn

    Bed & Breakfast

    Štrosmajerova 10, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast If location and comfortable accommodation are essential for you when choosing a place to stay, then Promenade Inn might be just the ticket. More

  7. Staza Bed & Breakfast

    Staza Bed & Breakfast

    Bed & Breakfast

    Babin do 34, Trnovo (Bjelašnica) | Map

    Bed & Breakfast Staza Bed & Breakfast offers accommodation in comfortable rooms, and is the ideal place for ski lovers because of its location right on the ski lanes and for the fact that the facility has ski in/ski out access. More

  8. Toplik Guest House

    Toplik Guest House

    Bed & Breakfast

    Toplik 5, Sarajevo | Map

    Bed & Breakfast Toplik Guest House offers accommodation in comfortable units, in a location that serves as an excellent starting point for getting to know the city and its attractions. More