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  • Stećci (sing. stećak) are stone tombstones that pre-date the Ottoman period, some of which are so richly decorated that they represent true masterpieces of Medieval art.

    There are about 60,000 stećci throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they can also be found in parts of Croatia (approx. 4,400), Serbia (approx. 4,100) and Montenegro (approx. 3,500) that share borders with BiH.

    While it is thought that the stećci were originally made by members of the Bosnian Church, these gravestones can be found in Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim necropolises.

    The most famous stećak found in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Zgošćanski Stećak, which was discovered near Kakanj. It is now on display in the garden of the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo.

    This 14-ton stećak bears no inscriptions but, given its extraordinary motifs, researchers believe that it must be the gravestone of a nobleman, perhaps the Bosnian Ban, Stjepan II Kotromanić.

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