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  • The Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded soon after the end of the Second World War, on November 13, 1945, as a museum of national liberation. It was first located in Vijećnica and then moved to a specially designed facility in Marijin Dvor in 1963.

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    Over the years, this museum has had different names and the scope of its collection has been modified. From 1949 to 1967 it was called the Museum of the People’s Revolution of BiH, then the Museum of the BiH Revolution (1967-1993), until it finally acquired its current name in 1993.

    The museum covers the entire history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the first mention of “Bosna” in historical sources (in the document, De Administrando Imperio, issued by Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus) up until the present day.

    The museum’s collection is divided into six main areas: archival material, photographs, three-dimensional objects, artwork, a research library and documentation center.

    The collection comprises some 400,000 items, many of which are very rare.

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