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  • The Gazi Husrev Bey Library museum collection contains more than 1,200 items which are divided into five thematic exhibit areas: Islamic art, education, religious life, ethnology and the library during the war.

    The Islamic Calligraphy section is made up of a collection of works by BiH master calligraphers and the Measuring Time section contains items that were used to calculate the exact time, including two hand-made globes made by the famous Sarajevo muvekit (a person responsible for precisely calculating the time for prayers), Salih Sidki Efendi Muvekkit.

    The Ulema section features a display of both hand-written and printed works by famous BiH ulemas (scholars), who served as authors, scribes or commentators on the works of others.

    The next section, Mosques and Tekkes, has items such as levhas (individual calligraphic panels), lamps, Qur’an stands, prayer beads, hand-made carpets, prayer mats…, from some of BiH’s religious buildings.

    The Hajj display shows items that were brought back by Bosnian-Herzegovinians from their pilgrimages and the Everyday Life section contains articles that have served as a part of Bosnians’ everyday life for centuries, including clothing and shoes, furniture, dishes, items used in personal hygiene….

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