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  1. Bazardžani



    Bazardžani, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Bazardžani Street runs south to north, from Obala Kulina Bana to Ćurčiluk Veliki and encounters Kundurdžiluk and Ćurčiluk Mali along the way.  More

  2. Branilaca Sarajeva

    Branilaca Sarajeva


    Branilaca Sarajeva, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Branilaca Sarajeva runs west to east, from Radićeva to Trg Oslobođenje - Alija Izetbegović. More

  3. Bravadžiluk



    Bravadžiluk, Sarajevo | Map

    Street There are two streets in Baščaršija that have “Bravadžiluk” in their names. The longer one, Bravadžiluk Veliki, runs west to east, from Baščaršija Square and along the southern wall of the c... More

  4. Čizmedžiluk



    Čizmedžiluk, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Čizmedžiluk Street runs along the eastern side of the courtyard of Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque. More

  5. Ćurčiluk



    Ulica Ćurčiluk, Sarajevo | Map

    Street There are two streets in Sarajevo’s old Čaršija that make use of the name, “Ćurčiluk” – Ćurčiluk Veliki and Ćurčiluk Mali. Both are located to the south of Bey’s Mosque and run parallel to one... More

  6. Ferhadija



    Ferhadija, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Ferhadija runs west to east, from Vječna Vatra and the point where it meets Titova St., all the way to Gazi Husrev-Begova St., where it then turns into Sarači St. and continues east. More

  7. Gazi Husrev-Begova

    Gazi Husrev-Begova


    Gazi Husrev-begova, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Gazi Husrev-Begova Street runs from Zelenih Beretki St. in the south to Mula Mustafe Bašeskije St. in the north. More

  8. Halači



    Halači, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Halači Street runs north-south, from the southern end of Baščaršija Square toward Tabaci St. and the Miljacka River, and encounters Bravadžiluk St. on its northeastern corner.  More

  9. Kazandžiluk



    Kazandžiluk, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Kazandžiluk begins at the eastern end of Baščaršija Street (Baščaršija Square), just a few meters north of Baščaršija Mosque, and extends about a hundred paces further to the east, where i... More

  10. Kazazi



    Kazazi, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Kazazi Street, which is only a few dozen meters long, is located in the heart of Sarajevo’s old čaršija and connects Sarači St. (to the north) with Ćurčiluk Veliki St. (to the south). More

  11. Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića

    Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića


    Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića, Sarajevo | Map

    Street The street, Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića, runs along the left bank (obala) of the Miljacka River, stretching from Šeher-Ćehajina Ćuprija to Latinska Ćuprija. More

  12. Obala Kulina bana

    Obala Kulina bana


    Obala Kulina bana, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Obala Kulina Bana runs west to east and upstream, or parallel to the right bank of the Miljacka River, from Skenderija Bridge to Šeher-Ćehajina Ćuprija. More

  13. Prote Bakovića

    Prote Bakovića


    Prote Bakovića, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Prote Bakovića is located west of Baščaršija Street (Baščaršija Square) and runs north to south, from Mula Mustafe Bašeskije to Sarači, and encounters just a few meters of Ćulhan Street before it... More

  14. Saliha Hadžihuseinovića Muvekita

    Saliha Hadžihuseinovića Muvekita


    Muvekita, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Saliha Hadžihuseinovića Muvekita St. is the name of the narrow street which connects the main walking streets in the center of Sarajevo – Ferhadija and Zelenih Beretki. More