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  • Saliha Hadžihuseinovića Muvekita St. is the name of the narrow street which connects the main walking streets in the center of Sarajevo – Ferhadija and Zelenih Beretki.

    It was laid out during the Ottoman period as part of the Frenkluk or Latinluk mahala (neighborhood) and up until 1895 it had been called Budimlića St., after members of the old Sarajevo Orthodox family by the same name who moved from Budim in Hungary to Sarajevo in the 17th century.

    In 1895 the name was changed to Ćukovića St., after the Sarajevo merchant and former city council member, Kosta Ćuković, a member of the old Serbian family, Ćuk, who were merchants and who had owned a house on this street during the first half of the 18th century.

    After WW2, in 1948, it was named in honor of Veselin Masleša, a writer, revolutionary and national hero, who died trying to break through the fascist encirclement during the Battle of Sutjeska.

    Since 1993 the street has borne the name of, Saliha Hadžihuseinovića “Muvekita”, a man who was given his nickname since he worked as a muvekit (one skilled in keeping precise time for prayers) as part of Gazi Husrev Bey’s vakuf (endowment).

    He is also the author of a major work, Tarih-i Diyari Bosna (A History of Bosnia), the first history of BiH written under Ottoman rule.