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  • Toureedoo’s team of young professionals will share the great love they have for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina with their guests, while giving their all to make sure you have the best experience.

    Guests may choose from among city tours and excursions. During the former you’ll come to know Sarajevo through two tours: the Talkie Walkie Tour and the Toureedoo Grand Tour; and you’ll learn about the Siege of Sarajevo through the tours, Gloom And Doom: The Siege Of Sarajevo Tour and the Tunnel of Hope Tour. Guests may also take advantage of the free daily tours, and Toureedoo Agency’s special offer includes free tours given in Spanish.

    Toureedoo currently offers excursions to Mostar and Srebrenica, and, during the summer period, there are adventure rafting tours.
    The agency also offers other touristic services to all its guests, so you can ask for information and receive recommendations on various services, or suggest your own desired destination.

    As they like to say at Toureedoo, “We’re glad we will be your guide with a smile.”

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