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  • As of August 2018, Sarajevo was made that much richer for another shop that offers the newest collection of items by the well-known Hidesign brand.

    This prestigious international group, which places an accent on authenticity, hand-made items and eco-friendly leatherworking, celebrates 40 years in the fashion industry by continuing to expand its market and opening a boutique in Sarajevo as its seat for operations in Europe.

    Dilip Kapur, founder and owner of the company, has described Sarajevo as being at the crossroads of Europe, a city that radiates a unique energy and whose heritage resembles that of the Hidesign brand, making it the perfect place for their new home.

    Fashion enthusiasts can find a wide assortment of modern and fine leather products, including accessories in various colors and sizes: ladies’ bags, laptop bags, travel bags, backpacks, apparel, shoes, wallets, sunglasses….

    The shop is located at Vladislava Skarića 10, near Europe Hotel.

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