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  • Sarajevo’s favorite music shop offers a unique mix of music, music themed gifts and fashion, with London brands Cocorose and Azuni, and official merchandise of Balkan music star Dino Merlin.

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    In the beginning, Magaza was a specialty shop which sold records and cassettes, and this is where the first CDs were available in Sarajevo. Today it’s a place which not only offers visitors music CDs and DVDs, but also a wide assortment of musical instruments, equipment, as well as official souvenirs by Dino Merlin – the famous music star.

    His hits are an indelible part of today’s pop culture and, over the years, his name has become a very lucrative trademark.

    The product line includes T-shirts, bags, tote bags, watches and decorative blankets with verses from Merlin’s songs, such as: Je l' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo, Bosnom behar probeharao, Imam sve što poželim, Danas sam OK, Idemo dalje sve do medalje....

    Dino’s verses and signature are also found on other items that make the perfect gifts or souvenirs: pillows, keychains, mobile phone masks, magnets, mugs, pens, guitar picks, agenda books, notebooks, passe-partouts, clocks, postcards….

    As a member of the British Business Club, Magaza sells unique fashion items, such as practical and comfy ballet flats and lovely jewelry by Azuni London and Toi et Moi.

    Besides being a place where you can buy original and unusual products, you can also learn something at Magaza. Upstairs is the first English school here to be accredited in teaching the Callan Method, one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn English.

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