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  • Bazerdžan is a concept store that was founded with the aim of wanting to showcase creations by local designers and artists, thereby providing a new way of experiencing the cultures and traditions of BiH. If you’re looking to buy an authentic souvenir or a unique gift for that special someone, this is a must-visit place.

    The store is located in the heart of Baščaršija, the core of Sarajevo’s old town, and fits in perfectly with its surroundings by offering items that are made by “contemporary artisans”, individuals who have an interesting way of combining new trends with authentic symbols or materials that have been a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s history throughout the centuries.

    In this store you will find unique products such as clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, home accessories…, which are made from wood, stone, leather, canvas, metal, wool and other materials.

    The number of items available and the brands kept in stock vary from season to season and some are available for purchase exclusively at Bazerdžan. In addition to items that carry the Bazerdžan label, here you will also find products by: Plusminus, Marko Feher, Ljiljana Majkić, Molimao, Kohel Studio, Intuitiva, Ruby Red, KETI handmade, Werkstatt, Tekne Jewelry, On Design, Ivana Kurešević IvyQ, Whitechapel Design, Bogda rukotvorine, Waga Wood, Bosnian Tradition, Bojan Stojčić, Dalila Manso, Sasha Masks, Vildana Brkić, Timur Stroil....

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