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  • Kundurdžiluk Street starts at the pharmacy on Zelenih Beretki St. and extends east all the way to Abadžiluk St., running along the southern side of Brusa Bezistan. 

    At one point, around Brusa Bezistan’s southeastern corner, Kundurdžiluk St. runs into Bazardžani St.

    This street dates back to the late 16th century and up until the second half of the 19th century it was home to two separate bazaars – Tarakčijska Čaršija (for comb makers) on the western end, and Nalčadžijska Čaršija (for horseshoe makers) on the eastern end.

    By around 1865, kundurdžijas (shoemakers) were setting up shops in these market areas and were producing leather footwear based on European patterns, largely for the new regular Ottoman army of that time.

    This trade was brought from Istanbul by local people and they would later be joined by shoemakers from Dalmatia.

    As the old trades began to fade away, the street contained new wares which would contribute to its name.

    Kundurdžijska Čaršija was totally destroyed in a great fire that swept through this part of town on August 8, 1879. After the fire, the shoemaking shops were replaced by taller and more modern buildings.

    Today, Kundurdžiluk is frequented by those who are looking for good food and city nightlife.