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  • Kazazi Street, which is only a few dozen meters long, is located in the heart of Sarajevo’s old čaršija and connects Sarači St. (to the north) with Ćurčiluk Veliki St. (to the south).

    This short and narrow passage is also connected to Čizmedžiluk St., which runs parallel to Kazazi St. (to the west).

    This street, and the Kazaska Čaršija that grew up around it, first formed in the 15th century and is mentioned in the vakufnama (deed of endowment) drawn up in 1462 by Isa Bey Ishaković, the founder of Sarajevo, as a street running along the western wall of his caravanserai, which is now called Kolobara Han.

    The street takes its name from kazazi, craftsmen who made various items from wool, silk and later cotton, such as ribbons, cords, lace, cloth spreads, tourniquets, nosegays…, all of which served as decorative clothing accessories and were even used with horse tack.

    Industrialization took its toll and, with the availability of cheaper machine-made goods and a drop in demand, the last shop of this kind closed in 1947.

    These days Kazazi is home to tailor shops, a few boutiques, souvenir shops and art galleries, where you can buy some authentic Sarajevo souvenirs and works of art.