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  • Since 1822, in „Defters“ of the Sarajevo leather guild stored in the Historic Archive of Sarajevo, the family Kalajdžisalihović has been mentioned. All male family members bear the names Muhamed and Ahmed.

    In the ancient times they were known by production of „nanula“ wooden slippers with „topuks“. During the far 1931, the grandfather Muhamed exported wooden slippers and leathered wool slippers into Czech, Austria and Sweden which were very much appreciated in those countries.

    Since the year 1980, this shop has been producing specially designed slippers „aladinke“. Since 2002, master Kalajdžisalihović adjusted „aladinka“ for the outside use. These exceptional slippers are made in more than 50 colors, while other slippers are embroider ba the woman from Sarajevo surroundings. All embroideries are unique.

    Besides making slippers, today slipper shop produces male and female slippers from leather and eco leather, old fashion wooden slippers, protective shoes for the house and street, while wool slippers and wooden slippers with decoration are only made as souvenirs.

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