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  • There are two streets in Baščaršija that have “Bravadžiluk” in their names. The longer one, Bravadžiluk Veliki, runs west to east, from Baščaršija Square and along the southern wall of the courtyard of Baščaršija (Havadže Duraka) Mosque to where Telali and Brodac meet on the western side of Vijećnica.

    As it makes its way through Čaršija, Bravadžiluk Veliki encounters Kazandžiluk and Oprkanj to the north and Halači and Bravadžiluk Mali to the south.

    The shorter street, Bravadžiluk Mali, runs north to south, from Bravadžiluk Veliki to Tabaci St. Both streets date back to the 16th century, when they were part of Hadadan Čaršija, where the blacksmiths worked. This indicates that such artisans were working here early on and offering a wide range of hand-forged items.

    At some point, the artisans who had their shops in this bazaar began specializing in making locks and padlocks, which influenced the names that are now in use (brava = lock).

    Bravadžiluk Mali was not a street in its own right until 1931. Before that it was part of Bravadžiluk Veliki and served as a special section called Bravadžiluk, which was where locksmiths sold their products from stone shops along the street.