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  • Havadža Durak Mosque, better known as Baščaršija Mosque, is located on the main square of Sarajevo’s old trading center – Baščaršija.

    It is not known, exactly, when the mosque was built, but a manuscript from 1528 mentions a neighborhood around Havadža Durak Masjid, so the mosque must have been built before that year.

    Baščaršija Mosque has one main dome and an open portico which is covered by smaller cupolas, and there’s the adjacent stone minaret.

    While the courtyard of the mosque is not very large, it’s quite pretty and is like a little oasis in the center of Baščaršija, with its small fountain, roses and two tall poplar trees.

    The mosque was badly damaged during the last war (1992-1995), after which it underwent major reconstruction. Baščaršija Mosque was named a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006.

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