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  • Trgovke is the name of the u-shaped street that has a small square in the center. 

    The main, western extent runs along Kolobara Han and the eastern section comes out onto Baščaršija St. (Baščaršija Square). Narrow passages connect this small street to Sarači St. in the north and Ćurčiluk Veliki in the south.

    Trgovke St. is located on the spot that was home to Sarajevo’s first bezistan (covered bazaar), which was built in the first half of the 16th century by Mehmed Bey, son of Isa Bey Ishaković, the founder of Sarajevo.

    The bezistan’s lead cupolas were destroyed in a fire that swept through Sarajevo in 1697, when Eugene of Savoy invaded the city, and it was totally destroyed by another fire in 1842.

    The spot once occupied by Mehmed Bey’s Bezistan was later home to a series of shops that were collectively known as Trgovke. This name wasn’t in reference to the shops, but to the lady traders (trgovke) who sold items here and were active on market days.

    This shopping complex was knocked down in 1949 and then rebuilt in the 1970s, when Baščaršija underwent a thorough reconstruction in anticipation of the XIV Winter Olympic Games that would be held in Sarajevo in 1984.