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  • Branilaca Sarajeva runs west to east, from Radićeva to Trg Oslobođenje - Alija Izetbegović.

    The section that begins at Radićeva and runs to Šenoina formed as a smaller street in Hadži Idrisova mahala in the 16th century. This neighborhood was known as Žabljak, so the small street went by the same name.

    The section between Šenoina and Kulovića was first called Čajirdžik, or Čejdžik, after the Turkish word, čayirdžik (meadow).

    The part further to the east, up to what is now Central Hotel, was called Put Kuluk-česma, after the fountain in the sword makers’ bazaar.

    In the mid-19th century, the path-like road from Kulovića to Latinska Ćuprija was called Galata, after the famous neighborhood in Istanbul.

    For a while, the section from Ćemaluša to Latinska Ćuprija was called Tašlihanska, after the stone inn, Tašlihan, the remains of which stand against the western wall of Gazi Husrev Bey’s Bezistan.

    During Austro-Hungarian rule, the small street between Latinska Ćuprija and BBI Center was named after Emperor Franz Joseph (Franje Josipa). During the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia it was called Kralja Petra, under NDH it was named Ulica Broj 1 and then renamed Jugoslovenske Narodne Armije in 1946.

    In 1993 this long street was split into two parts and renamed Zelenih Beretki (eastern half) and Branilaca Sarajeva (western half).