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  • The bookshop, Buybook, is located on 4 Radićeva, right in the center of Sarajevo. For years now it has been a top spot for those who are looking for a good book or CD, an interesting gift or souvenir and good company.

    In addition to the hundreds of carefully selected titles and other items found on its well-stocked shelves, Buybook's mini cafe also offers a unique and pleasant atmosphere. Located on the premises, this cafe plays an important role in boosting Sarajevo's cultural scene.

    In 1996, right after the war in BiH, Buybook’s cafe-bookshop expanded its activities to become a literary publishing house by the same name, as founded by Goran Samardžić and Damir Uzunović, two Bosnian writers.

    Buybook is now one of the most prestigious publishers in BiH, publishing an average of about 40 books every year and participating in the realization of many important cultural events.

    Buybook is the main distributer in BiH for materials published by Pearson Education (UK), it has publishing rights in BiH for materials put out by the German publisher, Hueber; it is the exclusive publisher in BiH for works by the Nobel Laureate, Orhan Pamuk….

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