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  • Meeting Point is a cult Sarajevo movie theater that regularly offers a rich repertoire of films, both blockbusters and masterpieces of independent cinema, for fans of “the Seventh Art”.

    This movie theater, which can seat 190, started working in 1997 in what used to be the popular “Trasa” at Dom Kulture Skenderija. This was where generations of young Sarajevans got their first taste of social life.

    Kino Meeting Point operates as part of Art Servis, a company founded by the same group of individuals who are involved with the Sarajevo Film Festival – the most prestigious cultural event in the region – and the cinema serves as one of the central venues during the festival.

    Other cultural events are held here, including the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, which aims to promote independent films that focus on human rights.

    The cinema also has a cafe (Meeting Point Cafe), which is a popular gathering place for those who love culture and the arts.

  • 17 Dec
    Architecture Night

    Architecture Night

    Dec 17 / 19:00 / Meeting Point Cinema (Kino Meeting Point), Sarajevo / Event

    23 Dec


    Dec 23 / 17:00 / Meeting Point Cinema (Kino Meeting Point), Sarajevo / Movie

    25 Dec
    Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey

    Dec 25 / 17:00 / Meeting Point Cinema (Kino Meeting Point), Sarajevo / Movie