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  • The largest museum of its kind in the region, Museum of Optical Illusions offers visitors of all ages a fun and educational trip to the fantastic world of illusions.

    Covering ∼300m2, the hundreds of items on display also include works by young Sarajevo artists and those that promote BiH cultures and traditions, like 3D Vučko (the mascot of the ‘84 WOG), a 3D walk along the streets of Sarajevo….

    Visitors can discover, on their own, rooms and illusions, like: The Playroom with Brain-teasers, The Neverending Disco, The Upside-down Room, The Anti-gravity Room, The Poker Room, The UV Room, Holograms, The Magic Couch, The Endless Tunnel, The Bottomless Well, Illuminated Illusions…. And the souvenir shop has some intriguing brain-teasers.

    Some of the museum’s famous illusions were done by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a Japanese professor of psychology and a leading illusion maker, and there are plans to rotate some displays over time.

    Reservation needed.

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