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  • Paleta Gallery has a long tradition as an exhibit space, as well as a reputation as one of Sarajevo's most important galleries.


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    Paleta is currently focused on presenting local artwork, from exhibiting pieces that reflect rich calligraphic traditions and displaying ancient and valuable manuscripts, to presenting eminent classical works, contemporary artists from BiH, as well as those coming from other parts of former Yugoslavia.

    Paleta Gallery has organized several hundred cultural events and was especially active during the last war (1992-1995) by organizing more than 100 exhibits. In such a way it contributed enormously to providing a cultural life for a city that was under siege.

    The permanent exhibit includes works by artists such as: Roman Petrović, Karlo Mijić, Behaudin Selmanović, Mica Todorović, Gabrijel Jurkić, Petar Šain, Đoko Mazalić....

    In addition to providing an exhibit space, Paleta Gallery also offers services involving the appraisal, sale, purchase and restoration of works of art.

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