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  • The Balkan Advanced Music Conference (BAM-C) will host major names from the electronic music scene and offer a rich accompanying program (Apr. 25-27).

    The aim of BAM-C is to connect music professionals, present new projects and musicians, and position Sarajevo as a must-see festival destination.

     The event will be held at the RTV building and participants include: Dr. Motte (founder of Loveparade from Berlin), Nick Colgan (founder of The Garden Resort and The Garden Brewery), DJ David Blažević – Dr. Smeđi Šećer (from Rijeka, Croatia); Željko Luketić and Leri Ahel from the Fox & His Friends printing house....

    BAM-C will show the films, Symphony of Now and Touche Française, at Meeting Point; there will be exhibits by Zoran Cardula, Enis Čišić and Patrick Miette; pop-up wall installations at GSU Brodac; a Music-Tech Hackhathon and Fashion Expo pop-ups...

    The nightly program will be held at various venues and see shows by: Kezz Live, Hibrid, Dr. Motte, Ida Prester, Ena Čosović, PEZNT, 84Bit, Haris Čustović, Space Lufter….

    For more on the program and tickets, visit: www.bam-conference.com.