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  • After a big fire raged through the Latinluk neighborhood (between Latin Bridge and Ćumurija Bridge) and engulfed several nearby streets on August 8, 1879, a volunteer firefighting brigade was established in Sarajevo.

    City authorities set up a permanent fire brigade on March 8, 1882. In addition to the fire lookout tower at the military barracks in Bistrik, a temporary fire brigade facility was built near Skenderija in 1884, which provided accommodation for staff and had a lookout tower.

    It was only in 1913 that Union Baugersellschaft created a new perpendicular street (now Fehima Efendije Čurčića St.) between Terezija and Mutni Potok and built a modern brigade station designed by Josip Pospišil.

    Between the two world wars, city authorities neglected this firefighting service, and the brigade had only two vehicles and a horse-drawn carriage. This lasted until 1948, when horses were no longer used and the stalls were turned into dressing rooms for the firefighters.

    The brigade station was enlarged in the 1960s to include two more buildings, and a dispatch station was added, which was connected to the radio repeater on Mt. Trebević.

    The Fire Brigade Station in Sarajevo has been on the list of National Monuments of BiH since 2008.

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