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  • The Center for Aesthetic Surgery – Naša Mala Klinika arose out of the wish to provide the best quality services in the fields of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, along with expert knowledge and many years of experience, all of which ensures outstanding results and client satisfaction.


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    Naša Mala Klinika is a modern polyclinic founded by Alija Aginčič, Primarius, MSc – specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery;  Dr. Alemko Čvorak, Primarius – also a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery; Dr. Abdulah Fazlić, Primarius – specialist in general, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

    The Center is equipped with medical apparatuses and surgical equipment used throughout the world and cosmetic procedures are performed using modern technology. Naša Mala Klinika offers a complete anti-aging program, which includes Botox treatments, fillers and other related products produced by the world’s leading companies.

    In addition to aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, the Center offers services related to vascular surgery and gynecology. Naša Mala Klinika also provides gynecology counseling by making use of the skilled and experienced gynecologists and ultrasound specialists, Dr. Ahmo Kapetanović and Sanjin Deković, MSc. Laser treatment for varicose veins is performed by Dr. Nedžad Rustempašić.

    Welcome to Naša Mala Klinika (Our Little Clinic), which isn't "little" anymore!

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