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  • Kutcha represents a story of love for art and design and the success of BiH artists. It is a place where you can have a nice time and find unique items to furnish your home.



    This concept store, which was started by architect Adna Ahmedić, attracts those who love beautiful things. For a few years now she has been running Drvoredaktura, a shop that specializes in furniture restoration.

    Due to the growing need for space to display her unique pieces, Adna opened Kutcha at the end of 2016. Here you will find Drvoredaktura products, as well as pieces by many of BiH’s creative artists.

    You can view and purchase works by Enis Čišić, Rikardo Druškić, Nina Hadžić, Tarik Šipilović, Bela Beljak, Neven Šotra, Faris Hadžić, Alisa Teletović, Azra Štilić and Branimir Prijak, and unique items for the home include pieces by: Pepetuška, The Big Room, Wood Beton, OSA lamps, PILA furniture, Bela Beljak lamps, Avliya Landscape, Wood surgery, V light, Vega design, Reko design, Terra ceramics, Tako keramika, Innsan Furniture, Fit Fabrique,, StoneartTZ , Needlefish, Make me...

    Kutcha is housed in an apartment building and often hosts various events. It is a “modern shopping” destination that is inspired by the warmth of the home and offers visitors a creative atmosphere and an opportunity to spend some time feeling right at home.

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