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  • Vidikovac is a vantage point on Mount Trebević which probably offers the best view of Sarajevo, especially of the Old Town nestled on the slopes of the mountain.

    Up until 1992 it was possible to reach Vidikovac, which is 1,164 meters above sea level, via the city's cable car. First installed in 1959, the cable car's starting point was on Hrvatin Street in Bistrik and the ascent took 12 minutes.

    In addition to the cable car's terminus, Vidikovac also had a restaurant with a cafe bar. That was until 1992, but everything was destroyed during the last war, when Vidikovac found itself in the line of fire.

    Renovation work on the cable car is expected to get underway soon, with hopes that it will help popularize this once beloved Sarajevo excursion spot.

    The trip from Bistrik to Vidikovac should take all of 6.5 minutes and there are also plans to build a cafe/restaurant with a platform overlooking the city.