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  1. Trgovke



    Trgovke, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Trgovke is the name of the u-shaped street that has a small square in the center.  More

  2. Velika Avlija

    Velika Avlija


    Velika Avlija, Sarajevo | Map

    Street/Square Velika Avlija is located on the northwestern end of Sarajevo’s old čaršija, not far from the spot where Ottoman Sarajevo and Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo – East and West – meet. More

  3. Veliki Alifakovac

    Veliki Alifakovac


    Veliki Alifakovac, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Veliki Alifakovac runs from Šeher-Ćehajina Bridge up to a point beyond Alifakovac Cemetery, whose tombs serve as a Sarajevo symbol. More

  4. Vladimira Valtera Perića

    Vladimira Valtera Perića


    Valtera Perića, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Located in Marijin Dvor, this street runs from Maršala Tita (in the west) to Hamze Hume (in the east) More

  5. Zmaja od Bosne

    Zmaja od Bosne


    Zmaja od Bosne, Sarajevo | Map

    Street Zmaja od Bosne is a long street that runs from Maršala Tita and Hiseta (in Marijin Dvor) in the east, to Bulevar Meše Selimovića and the neighborhood of Dolac Malta in the west. More