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  • Located in Marijin Dvor, this street runs from Maršala Tita (in the west) to Hamze Hume (in the east)

    During the Turkish period, it joined Hiseta and Hamze Hume, which were called Donja Hiseta.

    It became one street in 1895, when the west bank of the Miljacka was regulated, and connected the historic core of the city in the east to newer areas in the west.

    It was first called Mustaj-begova St., after Mustaj Bey Fadilpašić, the first mayor of Sarajevo under Austro-Hungarian rule.

    During the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (until 1925), the street was named after Queen Marija, wife of King Alexander I Karađorđević, and was later named in honor of Croatian politician Hakija Hadžić (1941-1945).

    In 1945, the street took its current name after Vladimir Perić Valter, leader of the Sarajevo resistance movement during WWII, who was killed on the night of April 5 during the final battle for the city’s liberation.

    There is a memorial plaque to the fallen Valter on the adjacent Hiseta, and a bust of his likeness stands a few hundred meters away.