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  • Zmaja od Bosne is a long street that runs from Maršala Tita and Hiseta (in Marijin Dvor) in the east, to Bulevar Meše Selimovića and the neighborhood of Dolac Malta in the west.

    This section was used back in antiquity and, during the Ottoman period, it was the road taken from Sarajevo when traveling to central and western parts of Bosnia.

    It took its first name, Kolodvorska, in 1882, after the narrow-gauge railway station that used to be located where the Šentada business center in Pofalići is today.

    After WWI, the street was named after Radomir Putnik, a Royal Serbian Army commander, and during NDH occupation (1941-1945) it bore the name of Ante Starčević, a Croatian politician.

    From 1945 to 1952, the names were Bulevar Crvene Armije and then Bulevar Sovjetske Armije; and on May 29, 1952, it was renamed Vojvode Putnika St.

    Since 1994, it has borne the name, Zmaja od Bosne, the nickname for Husein Kapetan Gradaščević (zmaj = dragon), leader of the armed rebellion that fought for Bosnian autonomy under the Ottoman Empire in the 1830s.