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  • The beauty of Mt. Bjelašnica, which is only 35 km from the center of Sarajevo, can be enjoyed throughout the year.

    Bjelašnica is covered with green grass in the summer and deep snow in the winter and its highest peak reaches 2,067 meters above sea level.

    Summer visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, driving quads, sporting activities, etc. and, since hosting the World Paragliding Championship in 2013, Bjelašnica has increasingly become an attractive destination for paragliders from all over the world.

    During the summer months, it is possible to rent soccer fields and tennis courts, bicycles, and to go for panoramic rides on the lifts at Babin Do.

    At Bjelašnica’s Javorovov Dol, you can enjoy four zip lines – one for children, two medium-length ones and one long one, with a 470-meter zip – as well as different playground equipment at the Motorik Park.

    In good weather you can visit the mountain villages, Umoljani and Lukomir, which are the highest inhabited settlements in BiH.

    Winter, which often lasts from November until May, can see snowfalls up to several meters deep, which present a special challenge for winter sports enthusiasts. Given such winters, Bjelašnica is an ideal destination for those who love skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing....

    Visitors have about 20 kilometers of maintained ski trails at their disposal, plus five ski lifts, two cable cars and baby lifts and night skiing is available. There’s also the attractive Snow Park at Štinji Do.

    Accommodation on Bjelašnica can be found in some of the hotels or in the many apartments.