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  • In recent years, the Garden of Dreams franchise has been a synonym for the series of popular parties with shows by stars from the electronic music scene, and the first edition of its festival was taking place during June 2019, while second one will be held from August 14th to 15th 2020.

    First three-day audio-visual arts “holiday” was held at three main locations: the Historical Museum of BiH, Dom Mladih and the plaza in front of the Hum radio transmitter tower.

    Besides the music program, the festival also organized workshops and training sessions for young DJs and VJs, and panel discussions with music experts, recognized artists and organizers of major music festivals.

    Some of the participants of the second Roy Rosenfeld, Sebastian Mulleart, Fedja Knajdl, LIFE4FUNK, Runy, After Affair, Echonomist, Mulya G.Edd i Glowal.

    You can find your presale tickets for the whole festival, with a price of 55 BAM, through the kupikartu.ba service.