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  • This tour offers you a totally unique experience. You'll make your way along the streets of Sarajevo in an old Yugoslav car, the Zastava 101, known locally as Stojadin.

    This will help you gain an authentic experience of Sarajevo as it was during the Socialist period.

    Sarajevo became part of Yugoslavia during WWII (in 1943), and this period saw tremendous growth in the population of the city, so a whole new neighborhood was built in the architectural style that was typical of the socialist era.

    The tour begins in the Old Town, and from there you’ll take a ride over to the Zetra Olympic Complex, built especially for the Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984. After visiting the Olympic Museum, you’ll head over to Ciglane, a Sarajevo neighborhood that is a typical example of modern socialist architecture. After that, as you make your way over to the western part of Sarajevo, you’ll pass what used to be the Maršal Tito Barracks, one of the largest military barracks in former Yugoslavia, most of which is now used by the University of Sarajevo.

    The tour continues with a visit to Vraca Memorial Park (a monument dedicated to the Sarajevo victims of WWII), which was badly damaged during the last war. The next stop is Mt. Trebević, where you’ll be able to have a look at the popular Olympic bobsled and luge track, and enjoy the most beautiful view of Sarajevo.

    The tour ends at the lively Tito Cafe, where you’ll learn what the term “jugonostalgija” means.


    The tour is designed for 2-4 people, reservations are required.

    The cost of the tour includes: a guide, transportation, pickup and drop-off at your hotel/apartment. Admission to the Olympic Museum is not included.

    Recommendation: Bring your camera.

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