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  • This tour provides a glimpse of what Sarajevans had to go through during the Siege (1992-1995). You’ll start off by visiting a site that offers one of the best views of the city and you’ll receive some basic information about the Siege of Sarajevo.

    You’ll then visit a cemetery where the defenders of Sarajevo are buried. On the way to the tunnel you’ll find out everything about the breakup of Yugoslavia and the aims of the war, as well as what it was like to live without food, electricity, water or gas; how children attended school and what sort of cultural and sport activities there were during the Siege.

    As you drive along Sniper Alley you’ll have an opportunity to hear more interesting stories about life during the war. At the Tunnel of Hope Museum you’ll pass through 20 meters of the original tunnel and watch a film about the war in Sarajevo, and then your guide will explain the role of the tunnel while the city was under siege, while also sharing stories about its construction and the ways in which it was used.

    On the way back to town you’ll pass through the Republic of Srpska and hear about how the war ended, as well as information on BiH’s constitution and the current political situation.
    You’ll also visit one vantage point where grenades were fired at Sarajevo during the war.

    Note: There must be at least two individuals for the tour to be given and reservations are required. The cost of the tour includes transport by minibus and admission to the Tunnel of Hope Museum.

    Recommendation: bring along some water and a camera.

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