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  • On this interesting tour, you’ll spend the day in Eastern Bosnia discovering important historical sites, and you’ll also visit a colorful ethno village in Serbia.

    The first destination is Višegrad, a town situated on the banks of the Drina River, which is best known for the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge, an old stone bridge named after one of the most important Ottoman military commanders from Bosnia, who was also a Grand Vizier. This bridge is on UNESCO’s list of protected monuments. Ivo Andrić, recipient of the 1961 Nobel Prize in Literature, writes about this very bridge in his major work, The Bridge on the Drina.

    The tourist complex, Andrićgrad, also known as Kamengrad, is located just 600 meters away. Director Emir Kusturica took inspiration for this project from the life and works of Ivo Andrić.

    Before crossing the border from Bosnia-Herzegovina into Serbia, you’ll stop off at Dobrun Monastery. Built in 1343, it is situated in a scenic mountain area.

    The tour continues in Serbia with a visit to Drvengrad, an ethno village and another project that bears Emir Kusturica’s signature. This tourist attraction is made entirely from wood and blends in perfectly with Mokra Gora Nature Park.

    At the end of the tour you’ll have an opportunity to ride along the Šargan Eight, one of the most attractive tourist-heritage railways in Europe. You’ll pass through some gorgeous natural areas as you take a ride on the Nostalgija, the train that runs along the narrow-gauge track, which was of great importance from 1925 until 1974.


    There must be at least two people for the tour to be given; reservations are required.

    The cost of the tour includes: a guide, transportation, pickup and drop-off at your hotel/apartment. Tickets for attractions are not included in price.

    The tour is given in English, and if you'd like to reserve a spot on a tour that is given in the local languages, Spanish, Arabic or Turkish, we ask that you contact the Meet Bosnia Travel Agency directly.

    Recommendation: Bring your camera, some food and something to drink.

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