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  • Eastern Bosnia has been the scene of bloody incidents many times throughout history, and the events of July 1995 will forever remain inscribed as the greatest crime committed in Europe since World War II.

    On this tour you’ll visit Srebrenica and find out more about the war that raged through BiH from 1992 to 1995.

    The tour starts in the morning with a drive through some gorgeous mountainous areas on the way to Eastern Bosnia, and after about a three-hour drive, you’ll arrive in Srebrenica and visit the Potočari Memorial Center.

    During the war, Srebrenica was made a United Nations safe zone, but this did not prevent the most horrific crime against humanity from being committed, when more than 8,000 innocent men were killed in July 1995, over the course of just a few days. The Hague Tribunal for War Crimes declared this an act of genocide, and resolutions passed by the US Congress and the European Parliament have reaffirmed this status. The Potočari Memorial Center was built as a monument to honor all of the victims and to serve as the final resting place for the remains of those who were killed.

    During the tour, you’ll hear tragic war stories, and you’ll also meet a man who survived the genocide and hear everything that he went through.

    After visiting Potočari, you’ll have a look around Srebrenica and see what life has been like since the war ended. You’ll visit the medicinal spring near Srebrenica, which represents a huge potential for the city’s development, and then it’s back to Sarajevo.


    There must be at least two people for the tour to be given; reservations are required.

    The cost of the tour includes: a guide, transportation, pickup and drop-off at your hotel/apartment. Entrance to Potočari Memorial Center is free of charge.

    The tour is given in English.

    Recommendation: Bring your camera, some food and something to drink.

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