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  • This day tour includes a visit to the lively towns of Herzegovina – Konjic, Počitelj, Blagaj and Mostar – as well as the gorgeous natural pearl, Kravica Falls. You’ll enjoy the mix of history, culture, and natural beauty.

    First, you’ll visit Konjic, where you can walk around the old town and along the stone bridge that connects the banks of the Neretva River, and the tour continues as you travel along the fascinating canyon of this emerald beauty and learn more about Herzegovina.

    The next stop is Kravica Falls, a protected natural monument on the Trebižat River. A view of this oasis among the rocks really does take one’s breath away. After enjoying the natural beauties of Herzegovina, you’ll visit Počitelj, a medieval town that is quite the little architectural wonder, as well as a national monument. You can climb the many steps among the old houses to reach the remnants of the fortress that offers a lovely view of the Neretva Valley below.

    The next stop is Blagaj, an old town known for the Buna River and its beautiful source, as well as the dervish lodge that is said to have been built before the Ottomans even arrived in this area.

    And for the final stop, it’s time to visit Mostar – the historical, cultural and political center of Herzegovina – at the base of Velež Mountain. You’ll discover Mostar’s old town, the famous Old Bridge (built in 1566), the Crooked Bridge, Koski Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque, and you’ll walk along the cobbled Kujundžiluk St., one of the prettiest streets in Mostar and home to many typical traditional artisan workshops.


    There must be at least two people for the tour to be given; reservations are required.

    The cost of the tour includes: a guide, transportation, pickup and drop-off at your hotel/apartment. Tickets for attractions are not included in price.

    The tour is given in English, and if you'd like to reserve a spot on a tour that is given in the local languages, Spanish, Arabic or Turkish, we ask that you contact the Meet Bosnia Travel Agency directly.

    Recommendation: Bring your camera, some food and something to drink.

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